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You Should Consider

A Trust-Based Estate Plan

Save Money and Time 

By Protecting Your Family From

Death Taxes and the Stress of Probate Court

Benefits Of A Trust-Based Estate Plan

Quickly, Easily, And Privately Give Your

Money, Property, And Legacy To Your Family After You Pass

Save Money And Time

By Protecting Your Loved Ones From Probate Court

  • Protect your family from long, expensive, and stressful battles in Probate Court

  • Name who you want to receive your assets to prevent your family from fighting over money and tearing itself apart after you pass 

  • Quickly and easily give your money and property to your loved ones

  • Privately pass your assets to your family so your finances don't become public record

  • Protect your money and loved ones from scam artists, fraudsters, aggressive creditors, and greedy family members

Keep Control Of Your Investments

So They Can Continue To Grow And Provide For Your Family

  • Keep control of your assets after you pass away so you can have peace of mind that your family is financially stable and protected

  • Make sure your family gets your money as fast as possible so they can survive and pay for critical expenses like mortgage payments, medical expenses, funeral costs, and any outstanding debts

  • Name someone you trust to manage your money, property, and assets and give them to your loved ones according to your wishes

Save Your Wealth From Death Taxes And Fees

So You Can Keep Your Legacy Intact

  • Protect your money from Death Taxes to preserve your wealth and legacy for your future generations

  • Guard your lifetime accumulation of assets and keep your family's legacy intact by making sure your wealth and precious heirlooms remain in your family

Protect And Provide For Your Children

Even After You're Gone 

  • Help your kids or grandkids achieve their dreams like going to college or buying a home by providing for them financially, even if you aren't alive to lend a guiding hand yourself

  • Select someone you trust - who shares your values - to raise any kids under the age of 18

  • Make sure your kids or grandkids reach a mature enough age or achieve specific milestones, like graduating college, before receiving the responsibility of an inheritance

  • Protect your kids and your money in case they have future problems with abusive spouses, creditors, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or managing money

Get Peace Of Mind Knowing That Your Wishes Will Be

Followed In A Medical Emergency

  • Name someone to manage your money, property, and assets on for you if you become incapacitated and can't manage them yourself

  • Appoint someone to legally make medical and financial decisions for you if you can't communicate due to sickness or injury

  • Document your medical wishes in case of a medical emergency to take the burden of making life and death decisions off of the shoulders of your loved ones 

With a Trust-Based Estate Plan, you can continue to be the foundation for your family, even after you're gone

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Inside you'll learn...

  • Do You Need A Trust-Based Estate Plan If Your Already Have A Will?

  • What Is Probate Court And What Makes It So Difficult For Your Loved Ones After You Pass Away?

  • How To Prevent The Court From Interfering With Your Finances And Medical Decisions If You Become Incapacitated

  • How to Save Money By Avoiding The Long, Stressful, And Expensive Probate Court Process...

  • What Is A Living Trust?

  • 7 Benefits of a Living Trust

  • Find Out Who Needs A Trust-Based Estate Plan And Why?

  • Will vs Trust - Which Is Better?

  • 5 Major Estate Planning Goals And How A Trust-Based Estate Plan Can Help You Achieve Them

  • How A Living Trust Works To Protect Your Family, Money, And Property

  • What Happens When You Die With A Trust-Based Estate Plan?

  • Who Steps In To Manage Your Assets In A Crisis Situation Like Becoming Incapacitated And Unresponsive In The Hospital?

  • What Assets Should Be Included And Which SHOULD NOT...

  • Irrevocable vs Revocable Living Trusts Explained

  • How To Set Up A Trust-Based Estate Plan In 10 Simple Steps

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