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In Michigan, Probate is handled at the county level. So, if you’re Probating an Estate in Genesee County, your case will be handled in the Genesee County Probate Court. Usually, this is because your loved one was living or owned property that was located in Genesee County. At Rochester Law Center, our Probate Lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in the Genesee County Probate Court.

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How Can Rochester Law Center Help Me With Probate?

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Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking and stressful time. Unfortunately, it can become even more difficult if family members disagree on how your loved one’s Estate (money, assets, and property) should be distributed. Often times this results in multiple parties, whether it’s family members or creditors, making competing claims on your loved one’s Estate that must be settled in Probate Court. 

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Probate can be a long and complex public legal process and navigating the complexities of Michigan Probate Law during a time of grief can be daunting. But we can help…

At Rochester Law Center, we’ve developed a streamlined process for Probate Representation that helps you manage the entire Probate process in Michigan remotely. 

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At Rochester Law Center, our compassionate and dedicated Probate Lawyers in Genesee County are experienced in all matters of Probate Administration. We understand the intricacies and nuances involved with Probating an Estate and can help you navigate every step of the way through the complicated paperwork and legal proceedings you’ll undoubtedly be facing ahead to make Probate fast, easy, and stress free.

We Make Probate Fast, Easy, and Stress Free

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If you need help with Probate in Genesee County, we can help you. Contact us today at (248) 613-0007 for a free consultation with an experienced Probate Lawyer.

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When Is Probate Necessary In Michigan?

There are three common scenarios that usually require an Estate to be administered in Probate Court:

  1. Your loved one who passed away and they didn’t have a Will. This means their money, assets, and property will need to be distributed by the Probate Court according to Michigan Probate Law. 
  2. They left a Will behind, but they didn’t have a Living Trust or more comprehensive Estate Plan.
  3. They had a Living Trust, but there are people contesting the Trust i.e. family members or creditors.

What Happens In Probate Court?

In Michigan, each county has its own Probate Court. Probate is a public legal process where the court has the authority to:

  • Determine whether or not a Will is valid
  • Determine what property the decedent legally owned
  • Determine who should manage the decedent’s money and property in the event of death or incapacity
  • Determine who will receive your loved ones money and property after their death.
  • Appoint a person to raise their children
  • Assess mandatory fees, and
  • Conduct oversight

Probate can be long and emotionally trying. And as you can see, the stakes can be very high. But, our experienced Probate Attorneys in Genesee County can help reduce the burden on you and your family by representing you throughout the process to address any disputes in court as effectively as possible. 

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When grieving the loss of a family member or loved one, working through the complexities of Michigan Probate Law can be daunting. But when you contact our compassionate and experienced Probate Lawyers at Rochester Law Center, we’ll help you eliminate the stress and confusion that comes along with the Michigan Probate Process. 

When you engage us, you don’t have to worry about your lack of knowledge regarding Probate. We’re here to help walk you through the nuances of Michigan Probate and act as your guide and advocate every step of the way to address any disputes in court as effectively as possible.

Rochester Law Center can provide legal assistance to executors, heirs, and other interested parties to every county in Michigan. For peace of mind during Probate, call us today at (248) 613-0007 for a free consultation with a Probate Lawyer. 

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