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  • Has a loved one received a diagnosis or injury that will require long-term care in the immediate future and they urgently need Medicaid benefits to pay for the cost of care?
  • Do you have a loved one in a nursing home who can no longer afford the cost and is at risk of losing their long-term care?
  • Have you or a loved one been denied by Medicaid, or have you been told that you have too many assets to qualify for Medicaid benefits?

Fortunately, there is a proven solution that may help you avoid losing everything just to pay for long-term care you need…

medicaid crisis planning michigan

Medicaid Crisis Planning Can Help You Pay For Long-Term Care Without Losing Everything In The Process

Medicaid Crisis Planning is necessary when your loved one has experienced an injury or illness, like a stroke, that will require the need for long-term care in the immediate future, but they do not have the money to pay for the expensive costs of a skilled nursing facility.

Or, your loved one is already in a nursing home and has run out of private funds to pay for care and is at risk of having to leave their skilled nursing facility.

In these cases, the individual has an immediate need to develop and implement a Medicaid eligibility plan so they don’t lose everything.

Typically, in these situations, your loved one may not be eligible for Medicaid without the help of a Medicaid Planning Attorney who can legally structure their income and assets in a way that makes them eligible for Medicaid.

While it’s best to create a Medicaid Plan as early as possible, it’s important to understand that a Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney can help you qualify quickly in a time of crisis.

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Long-Term Care In Michigan Costs About $108,000 PerYear Without Medicaid Benefits

In Michigan, the average yearly cost of long-term care is approximately $108,000. This is about $8,000-$9,000 per month. As you can see, paying for long-term care out of pocket can drain your financial resources rather quickly.

  • What if dad needs to go into a nursing home, but mom doesn’t – will mom have the money she needs to survive and pay the bills while simultaneously paying an average of $8,000-$9,000 per month for dad’s long-term care?
  • Will you need to sell the family home and other assets just to cover the costs?
  • When mom and dad pass away, will there be anything left to leave behind for the kids to inherit after paying the costs out of pocket?

These are real concerns for many people with aging parents and family members.

Don’t worry, our experienced Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorneys can help you qualify for Medicaid benefits so you can pay for the expensive costs of long-term care without losing everything in the process…

An Experienced Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney Can Help You Qualify For Benefits Fast

Medicaid is a joint federal and state benefit program that pays for long-term care for seniors.

In fact, it’s the largest source of payment for long-term care in the United States and is a benefit you should be taking advantage of.

To qualify for Medicaid in Michigan, your income and assets need to be under about $2,000 in countable assets. This includes cash, savings, investments, or other financial resources that can be turned into cash. Assets that aren’t counted include your home, personal possessions, household goods, one vehicle, prepaid funeral plans, and some life insurance.

If you don’t currently qualify based on these criteria, don’t worry…

Medicaid Crisis Planning with the help of a Medicaid Planning Attorney can help you legally structure your assets to qualify for Medicaid so that the government benefit pays for long-term care instead of you paying it out of your own pocket.

The Benefits Of Working With A
Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney

Apply And Qualify For Benefits Fast, Or Appeal If You've Been Denied

  • Time is critical so you don’t lose money. Also, eligibility for Medicaid is extremely complicated. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a denial that can take months or years to fix. A Medicaid Attorney is a trained professional who can make sure the application process us followed correctly in accordance with the law so you get approved for benefits quickly. 
  • Working with a Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney speeds up the application and review process and reduces stress because you know a professional is leading the way.
  • If you applied for benefits before and were denied, all is not lost. A Medicaid Lawyer can help you with a Medicaid appeal so you can get the benefits you need to pay for your loved ones care. 

Qualify For Benefits By Legally Structuring Your Income And Assets According To Medicaid's Rules

  • You may not be eligible for Medicaid without the help of an Medicaid Planning Attorney who can legally structure your income and assets in a way that makes you eligible for Medicaid benefits. 

Get Benefits Quickly During A Financial Medicaid Crisis

  • A Medicaid Crisis occurs if your family member is in a nursing home, or will need to be soon, but doesn’t have the financial resources to pay for care. A Medicaid Attorney can help you structure your assets and quickly apply for benefits so you can get the care you need – ASAP. 

Protect Your Family House From Being Taken By Medicaid

  • A Medicaid Planning Attorney can help you ensure that Medicaid or the nursing home won’t take your family’s house just to pay for your care. This helps preserve your assets so your family can inherit them. 

Make Sure The Healthy Spouse Has Money To Survive

  • Situations where only one spouse is applying for long-term care can be VERY complicated to plan for. A Medicaid Planning Attorney can help maximize the amount of assets the non-Medicaid applicant spouse is able to hold on to and the monthly income that can be transferred from the applicant spouse to the non-applicant spouse so they can survive and pay the bills.

Preserve Wealth And Plan For Incapacity

  • A Medicaid Planning Attorney can help you create Estate Planning documents to protect your assets and preserve your wealth so that you can pass your legacy on to your children.
  • A Medicaid Planning Attorney helps you plan for incapacity with documents like Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, and Living Will so that designated family members can manage the finances and care of their loved one receiving long-term care. 

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