Estate Planning FAQ

5 Critical Estate Planning Documents to Prepare During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to protect your family, money, and property in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with 5 critical Estate Planning documents.

Last Will and Testament

Is a Last Will And Testament the best option when planning your estate in Michigan? Here’s A useful list of 6 facts about Wills to help you decide.

Living Trusts in Michigan

10 FAQs about Living Trusts to help you decide if a Trust is right for your Estate Plan.

Special Needs Trust in Michigan

Find out how to provide a comfortable life for your special needs loved one without hurting their government benefits like SSI or Medicaid

Medical Power of Attorney

Learn how a Medical Power of Attorney can legally empower someone to make the proper medical and end-of-life decisions on your behalf.

Financial Power of Attorney

Find out the 7 must knows about a Durable Power of Attorney in Michigan that can save your family from having to go to court to manage your finances.

Letter of Authority

What you need to know about Letters Of Authority and Probate In Michigan so that you can access a deceased loved one’s assets, money, and property.

Will vs Trust In Michigan

Why the wrong choice could cost you… Avoid the costly mistake 60-70% of MI residents make that can leave you exposed to expensive legal fees and court battles.

Lady Bird Deed

The major pros and cons of a Lady Bird Deed explained…

how to estate plan step by step in michigan rochester hills mi
How To Estate Plan In Michigan Step-By-Step

The 4 simple steps to a complete Will, Trust, or Estate Plan that will protect your family and assets from financial devastation…