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I had a great experience setting up my trust with Chris. He explained everything clearly and never made me feel rushed. I felt more like I was dealing with my family than with my lawyer. He has been very easy to work with and I couldn’t be more happier that I selected him. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. You made this experience very easy for me and I respect that you are so passionate about what you do and who you help. I feel secure knowing your handling my estate planning and can’t thank you enough." - Jennifer M.

We Never Know When Our Time Will Run Out...

Suppose yours were to expire tomorrow?

Would your family be forced to go through the long, expensive, and public Probate Court process just to receive the money, inheritance, and property you wanted them to have?

Would they have the money to cover the debts, taxes, court costs, and lawyer fees?

Or would they have to scrimp and save?

Would they need to go without things they need for months, maybe even years, after you’ve gone just to cover these expenses in the hope that the court will give them what you intended them to have all along?

It can be incredibly difficult for your family when you’re gone. After all, they always relied on you when you were here. No question, there will be sadness, confusion, and a large void to fill in your absence. But there is no reason you can’t continue to be that foundation in their lives after you’re gone.

If you died tomorrow, your family would encounter all sorts of unforeseen costs:

Doctors bills for final sickness

Hospital bills for related expenses

Funeral services

Burial lot and monument

Unpaid taxes

Outstanding debts

Probate Court Costs

Lawyer Fees

...and the list doesn't stop there.

Wouldn't it be comforting for your family if you had made a plan in advance to help address and avoid many of these expenses?

To help you do this, we here at Rochester Law Center would like to invite you to your own...

Private Estate Planning Session

Free - with No Obligation

Peace Of Mind Is Just One Phone Call Away

Read On To Discover How In Just 15 You Can Quickly and Conveniently Get All Of Your Questions Answered Over The Phone By A Licensed Michigan Attorney With A Decade’s Worth of Experience Drafting Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans…

Whether you have questions about Wills, Trusts, comprehensive Estate Plans, or all of the above, your Estate Planning Consultation is your opportunity to get all of your questions answered by a licensed Michigan Estate Planning to help you understand which documents may be best for you based specifically on your unique needs.

Here Are Just Some Of The Time & Money Saving Strategies You Will Have The Opportunity To Learn:

An In Depth Look At Wills vs. Trusts and Which Is Best For Your Unique Situation.

PRICEY and PROTRACTED Probate: Learn and apply the easiest ways to avoid it.

Common Planning Mistakes that can cost your family money and heartache… 

Discover special planning tactics required for your home in Michigan like avoiding devastating tax consequences.

Deploy simple techniques to protect your money and property during your lifetime.

How To Keep Your Family, Financial, Medical, and Critical End-of-Life Decisions Out of The Government’s Hands… and In The Hands of The Ones You Love and Trust

Proven Techniques to make sure your kids and other loved ones are protected from creditors, financial predators, and greedy family members.

Learn established ways to secure your kids’ inheritance in blended families to provide for both your spouse and children without compromising the other.

Planning procedures for disabled children to preserve their public assistance benefits and provide for their continued care during their lifetime.

Explore PROVEN strategies to ensure that your children are raised by the people YOU choose and not folks chosen at the whims of the courts.

When you finish, all of your questions will have been answered and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the different tools you can use to secure your family’s future.

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“I had a great experience setting up my trust with Chris. He explained everything clearly and never made me feel rushed. I felt more like I was dealing with my family than with my lawyer. He has been very easy to work with and I couldn’t be more happier that I selected him. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. You made this experience very easy for me and I respect that you are so passionate about what you do and who you help. I feel secure knowing your handling my estate planning and can’t thank you enough.” – Jennifer M.

Had no idea how to do a will or trust, but Chris made the experience very easy. He was very helpful. He was very understanding and extremely easy to work with. He understood what we needed and walked us through step by step. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Chris!” – Kim L.

Chris has been great to work with! We are doing estate planning with him and he’s been very accommodating to us. He has a great way of explaining the process and all that is entailed. I highly recommend Chris and the Rochester Law Center!” – Jaime D. 

I can not say how thankful I am for Chris. He was so very helpful and informative. He took his time with me, answered every question I had, and was just so kind. I would highly recommend him. Thank you again.” – Bryanna L.

“Excellent working with Chris Atallah and The Rochester Law Center. Was prompt at answering questions, conveniently located in downtown Rochester, and he and his staff were courteous in every way. Highly recommended.” – Christopher B.

“Great people to work with and they made the process very easy and understandable. Highly recommended!” – Jackie A.

“Chris did a good job updating some of our estate planning documents. He is friendly and easy to work with. Thanks!” – Sue C.

“Chris and his partners were excellent to work with. Despite being busy, he was always available when we had questions. He is very professional, personable, and made sure we fully understood all of our options. I would highly recommend the Rochester Law Center.” – Coni P.

“Great lawfirm great attorneys” – Jeffrey H.

Chris is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand.” – Kimberly S.

“I have engaged Chris’s services on a couple of issues that have came up in personal and business matters. He has resolved them in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. I have recommend him couple of times to friends and he did exactly the same for them.” – Mike B.

This is just an idea of what you can expect from us and why so many Michigan families choose to work with us at Rochester Law Center.

The Estate Planning Consultation Is For You If...

You have some specific questions about your particular situation and you want to learn more about what it takes to launch an effective customized plan that offers the best possible protection while still being easy for your family to follow.

You want a better understanding of what legal documents would best protect your family, money, and property from the unique challenges they may face after you’re gone. 

You know that you need a plan in place, but you aren’t sure if you need a Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Irrevocable Trust, or comprehensive Estate Plan with every supplemental document included. 

You’ve experienced a family “mess” after the death of a loved one and want to ensure it never happens again.

You’ve never planned before, but understand that it is important for your family and don’t know where to begin.

You’ve put together a plan in the past but are not sure if it really meets your family’s needs and if it will actually save them, time, money, and heartache once the plan is implemented. 

The Consultation Is NOT For You If...

You are looking for a cookie cutter Will, Trust, or Estate Plan template or a “do-it-yourself” solution.

We’ve helped 1,000s of families plan for the future and one thing we can tell you is that all of their planning needs and objectives were unique to their situation. 

If you are looking for a one-size-fits all approach, this session is not the right fit for you. 
However, if you are looking for a personal, customized approach to Wills & Trusts and an experienced professional to help you, you are in the right place.

Get Personalized Answers Over The Phone At A Time And Place That Is Convenient For Your Schedule

This is unlike any kind of crowded, generic seminars you may have attended in a public setting, which makes it uncomfortable to ask personal questions and only leaves you more confused. 

We understand that life is busy and driving to an attorneys office to get answers to your important questions may not fit with your schedule. 
That’s why we offer you the opportunity to get all of your questions answered over the phone.
Whether you take your call from the road, during your lunch break, or from the convenience of your own home, your Estate Planning Consultation will equip you with the valuable knowledge you need to know what legal documents can protect your family, money, and property from financial devastation. 

Need to reschedule because life got in the way?

No problem, rescheduling is easy!

After you book your appointment you will receive an email that allows you to reschedule at any time. Of course, if you’d like you can always give us a call at 248-613-0007 and we will help reschedule your appointment over the phone and find a new time that works best for you.

We've Helped 1,ooos of Michigan Families Estate Plan

Chris Atallah - Founder, Rochester Law Center, PLLC


Chris Atallah - Founder, Rochester Law Center, PLLC
Author of "The Ultimate Guide to Wills & Trusts - Estate Planning for Michigan Families"

Chris Atallah is a licensed Michigan Attorney focusing his practice on Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Rochester Law Center, PLLC and the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Wills & Trusts – Estate Planning for Michigan Families”. Over the past decade, Chris has helped 1,000s of families and businesses secure their futures in all matters of Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning.

Chris continues to dedicate his practice to helping Michigan families avoid life changing disasters.
He has taught dozens of seminars across the State on such topics as avoiding the death tax, protecting minor children after the parents’ death, and preserving family wealth from the courts and accidental disinheritance.

Your Session Is 100% Free With A
No Obligation Guarantee

During your consultation, you will get all of your questions answered by an experienced Estate Planning Attorney.

A focused session like this with an Estate Planning lawyer usually costs $250.
Plus, the information and questions answered during these sessions has saved clients from thousands of dollars in costly mistakes, just from the valuable advice and knowledge they received. 
This is not a “free consultation” that turns into a sales meeting. 
We spend our time during your appointment thoroughly understanding your needs, answering any questions and concerns you have, and helping you understand what documents will ensure the best possible protection for you and your family.
Of course, we will offer you the opportunity to work more closely with us (and most folks do take us up on this offer), but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.
We’ve even had clients that we quoted $0.00 to because after reviewing their existing plan (and yes, you have a plan whether you know it or not!), their goals would have been accomplished without them hiring us.

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There are a limited number of spaces available.

We advise a limited number of clients each month so that we can focus the overwhelming majority of our time on the detailed document drafting process for our clients.

This approach allows us to provide ongoing customized advice and service to our current clients and those who have Estate Planned with us in the past.

Over the past decade, we’ve found that this approach allows us to deliver the best possible protection tailored to you and your family.

So don’t miss out on this unique chance to secure your family’s future… Book today.

It will be an incredibly difficult, stressful, and trying time for your family when you’re gone.

You were always there for them when you were here.

But there is no reason you can’t continue to be that foundation in their lives after you’re gone...

We Never Know What Could Happen To Us Tomorrow...
Make Sure Your Family Is Protected, Today