Will vs Trust In Michigan

Why the wrong choice could cost you… Avoid the costly mistake 60-70% of MI residents make that can leave you exposed to expensive legal fees and court battles.

how to estate plan step by step in michigan rochester hills mi
How To Estate Plan In Michigan Step-By-Step

The 4 simple steps to a complete Will, Trust, or Estate Plan that will protect your family and assets from financial devastation…

Top 10 Disastrous Estate Planning Mistakes
Top 10 Disastrous Estate Planning Mistakes

The mistakes can leave your family and critical life decisions at the mercy of the government and the courts…

michigan estate planning checklist
MI Estate Planning Checklist

11 things every Estate Plan should have to protect your family, money, and property from financial hardship…

3 Questions To Ask An Estate Planning Attorney

Mistakes are costly when it comes to protecting your family. Learn the 3 questions to ask an attorney to find out if they are experienced, or a novice Estate Planner…

how a common estate planning mistake cost a metro detroit man tens of thousands of dollars
How A Common Estate Planning Mistake Cost A Metro Detroit Man $10,000s

Avoid this trap “DIY Online Will Factories” won’t tell you that took cost $10,000s and took 3.5 years to fix…