Lori Thomas

Estate Planning | Special Needs Planning | Medicaid Planning

Mrs. Lori L. Thomas, formerly known as Lori L. Paese, is a counselor at law at Rochester Law Center where she focuses her extensive experience on helping her clients with Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Medicaid and Medicare Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, and Probate matters. Prior to joining Rochester Law Center, Mrs. Lori Thomas practiced law assisting clients with “Life Planning” in her own practice.


Her passion is creating and implementing strategic plans for her clients ranging from Estate Planning, Business Formation, Asset Protection, Business Succession, Elder Law and issues including Long-Term Care, Medicaid and Medicare Planning, real estate transfers and sales, and review of tax ramifications.

It is her desire to help others form their goals and then achieve those goals in the most efficient and effective method possible. She has completed numerous Estate Plans, including Special Needs Trusts, QDROs, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, CRATs, and CRUTS.

Clients have also received benefits from Medicaid, Medicare, and Veteran’s Aid with her assistance. She would gladly help you fashion your goals and then encourage, develop, and implement a strategy to successfully achieve those goals.

Lori Thomas is a wife and mother of six beautiful children and has been to more soccer games than she can count.

Lori is also the winner of the Oxford Cup and NASA Scientific Research winner. She has completed college and masters courses under academic scholarships, and has two published articles regarding health care liability and ERISA legal claims.

Mrs. Lori Thomas expanded her legal work to include legal representation for an international logistics company who was expanding. As their legal representative, Mrs. Thomas met with national leaders and lobbyists. In this capacity, she attended meetings as corporate counsel with international ambassadors and leaders at the World Bank in Washington DC. She has incorporated businesses, trademarks, and patents internationally, including such countries and places as Switzerland, Taiwan, Panama, Cayman Islands, and Hong Kong while working alongside attorneys and boards of directors in these countries. When the company moved their headquarters to Lebanon, Mrs. Thomas stayed stateside to continue practicing law.

During her tenure, Lori Thomas became well acquainted with real estate law, having operated her own property management company for seven years. She has been both a tenant and landlord, having owned an apartment complex and 11 rental units personally. She is familiar and has completed documentation for the purchase and sales of residential and commercial businesses, small business loan paperwork, lease options, land contracts, landlord/tenant law, evictions, and property management. In addition, Mrs. Thomas is familiar with franchise law, having represented both franchisees and franchisors.

If you need help with Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Medicaid and Medicare Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, or Probate, Lori can help you. Just give us a call today at (248) 613-0007 to reserve your free consultation. When you call, let our friendly receptionist know that you would like to book a meeting Lori!